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The Zesty Marketplace. Doing More.

The Zesty Marketplace is where web professionals and small businesses can easily do big things together on the web. Web designers, coders, copywriters, marketing professions, and web architects can find and be found by new clients. Small business owners can find the perfect person for their project. It's just one more way we want to make doing websites just right.

Giving Web Professionals More

We want to make it easy for you to interact with client and create beautiful websites.  This mean less time trying to find them and connect with them and more time playing and designing and creating and making money.  

How it Works

Step 1. Learn the Zesty language Parsley.

You can do this on your own by visiting our documentation. We also offer step-by-step interactive tutorial. This tutorial is so simple, you can learn parsley even if you have only a basic understanding of CMS and HTLM.

Step 2.  Submit an application. 

The application isn't long, but let's us gauge your skills and whether you're a good fit for the Marketplace.  We're looking for individuals as passionate about small businesses as we are.  

Step 3.  Complete your profile.

Here you can indicate all the types of features you're willing to build and also any specific interests you might have. You'll also be able to set the prices for your services.

 Step 4.  Get started.

Start making more money and more clients happy on the Zesty Marketplace. 

Submit an Application

Giving Small Businesses More

On the Zesty Marketplace, you'll be able to find incredible talent to fit all of your unique needs.  Every web professional has been carefully selected.  You can either 

How it works

Step 1.  Create a Zesty Account (if you don't have one yet)

You do not have to input a credit card yet.  

Step 2.  Access the Marketplace

Accessing the marketplace is extremely simple.  Literally, the click of a button.  

Step 3.  Find a Web Professional 

You can submit a request and let web professional contact you.  Or, you can can review the profiles of web professionals and contact them directly.  

Step 4.  Give the Web professional Access

You control what areas of the website they have access to.  


Dream big again. We'll do the rest.

Submit your email here, and we'll let you know when the Zesty Marketplace goes live.

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