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Sponsor a website incubator

Sponsor an Incubator

Who Should Host an Incubator  

Are you a university, college or non profit with a program for students in web design or marketing?

Would you like to give your student the real-world experience of working with small business clients, to teach your students new skills that will take them far in our digital world, and to provide them awesome resume-building experiences?

Would you like to awaken and inspire them within a unique competitive setting?

If so, then sponsoring a Zesty Incubator may be right for you!

Basic Requirements

Each incubator program is customized to the unique situation of the sponsoring organization. But there are a few basic elements to the structure:

Each incubator must include 30 to 65 students.

Three student groups must be assigned to each business. 

The students must have upper class undergraduate skills in marketing, web design, or web development skills.

What the Zesty Incubator provides

We provide a basic curriculum that you can adapt to your unique classroom needs.

A Zesty web professional will complete two workshops with the students.

The Zesty Incubator will manage and run the online competition.

For the "Business Choice Competition," Zesty web professionals will donate their services to support the students in completing their websites.

For the "Crowd Favorite Competition," Zesty web professionals will donate their services to work with the students to turn their websites into templates.

We provide a list of businesses in your area that have requested to be a part of an Incubator.

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