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Zesty Incubator at the University of San Diego

Who Should Apply

Small business owners in San Diego with either no website yet or with a website they designed themselves.

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How it Works

3 San Diego-based small businesses will be accepted for the Fall 2015 semester. Three teams of 4 students, all of whom are taking the Digital Marketing and Social Media Class at the University of San Diego School of Business Administration, will generate a website and a marketing strategy over 3 months. The students are all juniors and seniors. Most of them are marketing majors. They will be directly supervised by their teacher, Dr. Justine Rapp, and the Variable Action team.

What you Get

1.  Three websites created by students.  You pick the one you like.  

2.  Three digital marketing plans.  

3.  The chance to help students launch their careers.

4.  A professionally designed website that gives you even more control than a do-it-yourself website:

  • You create your website account and access it when you want.
  • You give access to the web professionals, not the other way around.
  • You can hire anyone you want through the Zesty Marketplace without losing control of your website
  • You can change any of your content whenever you want.
  • You can change over a hundred features of your site without a web professional.
  • Your website comes with built-in SEO.
  • Mobile ready for every type of device.


We keep it simple! You have to be a small business owner. Also, you have to either have no website or a website you created yourself.


If selected, you will be able to attend the Zesty Incubator for free + paying a discounted licensing fee to maintain the finished website.

A couple benefits of hosting in the Zesty.io

  • Zesty has the fastest page load time (faster than Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal). This means better SEO for you.
  • Your Zesty website is not hosted on a single server, like on Wordpress. It’s hosted in the cloud across multiple servers around the world. This prevents your website from crashing ever and gives you that fast speed
  • You don’t have to install software files onto your site, like Wordpress, Joomla, or Drupal. In just a few clicks, you get a website in the cloud.

You will receive 2 hours of time working with the Zesty.io to polish and refine the website students create. If you want any additional edits, the work will be charged at $150 an hour. This is entirely optional, and your website will not need the extra work. They will be beautiful!

What is Involved

The program begins with a client-student consultation meeting, where small business owners share their company’s history and their vision for the future. Students ask poignant questions regarding aesthetic tastes, desired content, and intended audience, thus beginning the creative process of web development. In the classroom, students are taught fundamental digital marketing concepts, which are translated into industry-consistent web design processes, including site mapping, wire framing, and content generation. Content generation takes center stage, as students incorporate search engine optimization techniques to provide for a fully functioning and search engine friendly website. After websites are created using the Zesty software, students pitch their final products to both their clients and a Zesty team member. One website for each client is chosen as a winner, after which the client will receive one-on-one time with the Zesty team for polishing and refinement. During this time, students consult on their client’s social media presence through in-depth industry research and strategic development, for a well-rounded digital marketing plan.


Apply as an Incubator Business

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